Painted Gardens specializes in using non-toxic paint


  Concrete block walls, interior, floors, 
furniture, stencils, stain & protective coatings

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Arrive on time
  • Removal/covering of furniture and fixtures
  • Removal of light switch plates and nails
  • Fills holes and small cracks with spackling and caulk
  • Repair larger holes and cracks with joint compound
  • Sanding, priming
  • Painting
  • Clean-up using non-toxic cleansers

Other Services We Provide

  • Drywall 
  • Tiling 
  • Flooring (tile, laminate, paint)
  • Garden and landscape maintenance
  • Construction of raised beds and garden racks
  • Light carpentry
  • Custom Mosaics



 Zero-VOC Paint Brands

‚ÄčNatura (Benjamin Moore)


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